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Pottery Wheel Bat system with removable centerpiece
Lucky Bats - Reusable, natural, Organic, safe, Efficient

Pottery Wheel Bats

A simple to use, natural, organic, reusable pottery wheel bat that can be used over and over, is easy to remove from your pottery wheel and provides a stable, safe way to center your pottery piece and still be able to remove it from the wheel and bat system with minimal risk. Lucky Bats Pottery Wheel Bats are versatile and ideal for almost any pottery wheel project.

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The internal pottery wheel bat is 100% Baltic Birch Plywood.

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The bat holder is a 98% wood product – HMR MDF material

Lucky Bats - Pottery Wheel Bat Systems

Make pottery creation simple, secure, and safe with Lucky Bats Pottery Wheel Bats. Featuring a solidly mounted holder, these bats securely hold your pottery project in place, help in centering the piece and aids in safely removing the finished pottery piece when it’s time to fire it in the kiln. The Lucky Bats system comes in different sizes and shapes for projects of all sizes, and is easy to clean, place and remove your pieces. We offer 3 main model packages, a 12" master with 6.3" bat, a 12" w/8.5" bat & a 10" w/3.5" bat that fits the Shimpo Aspire wheel PLUS  the 8" Big Bat. Additional bats can be purchased separately.
Make throwing, adding and removing pottery projects from your wheel a breeze with Lucky Bats!

Fits Most Full-Size Pottery Wheels

Reversible so flipping it makes a 12" bat

3 Models - 12" w/6.3", 12" w/8.5" & a 10" w/3.5"

Bat pin holes placed to fit standard wheels

Custom size options are available for order

Lucky Bats
Pottery Wheel Bats

Give your pottery wheel a simple, easy to use, functional, safe/secure way to load, throw, center, and move your pottery pieces.

Lucky Bats Pottery Wheel Bat System Testimonials & Reviews

100's of potters, ceramic artists, and makers are using Lucky Bats... Here is what they have to say about them!


“I love everything about this bat system. It feels very well made and durable, and lived up to all my hopes and expectations. Chris was also very kind and helpful with putting a custom order together for me. Really looking forward to use this for a long time. :).“


Happy Customer - Gothenburg, Sweden


“This is the best shop i’ve ever bought from. He was so kind and made a custom bat for me because my wheel is way smaller then traditional wheels. It works great and has allowed me to make way more items without having to restart with a whole new bat.“

Jill Lemcke
Jill Lemcke

Happy Customer


“These will be my first bat system and I am very excited! The mother bat fits the wheel head super tight and the inserts are nice and snug, just threw a couple of pound and half jars and it was pretty dreamy, no shuddering at all. Also my first experience with this type plywood and I really like it, they have good grip without chafing the palms, also, smells nice 😉“

Josephine Cannon
Josephine Cannon

Happy Customer - Port Townsend, WA


“I really like this bat system. I don’t think I can use the word love *yet* it’s almost there and I think overtime and use it will get better. What I love: Because of the unique shape the bats don’t rattle in the mother bat, which we love. Pots stay centred. I also love that I am supporting local and handmade woop woop. What I’m having problems with: The bat inserts are rough, after 10 throws I start getting chaffing on the left outer palm and it hurts. I’m used to throwing 20-50 in a sitting so it’s slowing me down to recover between sessions. I’m sure some buffing will help but I kind of wish they were shipped out with a coating or pre buffing. The other tweak I would love to make is two notches on the bottom of the mother so you don’t have to pry it off the bat mat. Otherwise, It’s an excellent bang for your bucks!“

Celina Frisson
Celina Frisson

Happy Customer - Jasper, AB


"I just received these this evening and I am so excited to use them. They are absolutely beautiful and can tell that they were lovingly made. I’m extremely pleased with the quality highly recommend!"

Rachel Barron
Rachel Barron

Happy Customer - Detroit, US

Customer's Photos

Examples of customers using Lucky Bats Pottery Wheel Bat Systems

Kimberly Williamson

Really beautifully made. Nice and thick so they won't warp.

Examples of customers using Lucky Bats Pottery Wheel Bat Systems

Sasase Nicole

Thank you very much 🕊

Examples of customers using Lucky Bats Pottery Wheel Bat Systems

Emma Scheeren

Very fast delivery from Canada to the Netherlands.

Examples of customers using Lucky Bats Pottery Wheel Bat Systems

Mary Claire Scherden

5 Stars!

I include free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A.
Unfortunately Etsy does not offer the free shipping option for Canada and the rest of the planet. 🙂 I understand that may change soon.

I am no longer going to offer INTERNATIONAL SURFACE SHIPPING. It is the least expensive service to destinations outside of North America, But it is slow, 3 months to Australia and 2 months to Europe, and it does not include tracking, Etsy has put a 90 day hold on all my shipments that ship without tracking, so I will not use that service again. Sorry.

Due to some customer feedback, the Baltic Birch inserts for the bat systems will now be pre-sanded so they are smoother, which will result in less chafing for clients with more sensitive hands.

If you want to order more than one item, please send a message detailing what you want. We can then combine items into one package and save shipping expenses. Please include your country and postal code in your message so we can calculate shipping costs.

All the bats now come with circular guide lines on the back side, to help you center your piece on the bat when you trim.

In response to feedback from customers, and after some testing in the studio, we have changed the material used for bat inserts from MDF to Baltic Birch Plywood (BBP). Made with formaldehyde-free Class E1 waterproof glues, this plywood has a nice hand, good adhesion, and releases from dry clay very well.
Given good care, the insert surface will last longer, not wear as much and they will less prone to warping.

For the smaller bats that fit wheels like Shimpo Aspire, the insert thickness are 6.2mm or 1/4″.
The Lucky Bat and the Big Bat get inserts that are 9mm – 3/8″.

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Lucky Bats - Pottery Wheel Bat system makes your pottery sessions quicker, simpler and more secure when moving your finished pieces. Try them out now!

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